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Miller, Leiby & Associates, P.C. has a robust insurance defense practice, regularly representing clients in premises liability, auto, livery and professional liability claims. We pride ourselves on our ability to work effectively and efficiently while closely working with insurers and insured's to best handle their specific needs.

Premises Liability

Miller Leiby is experienced in handling the complexities of New Jersey and New York premises liability claims.

The defense of every slip and fall matter starts with an investigation of the alleged defect or safety violation that prompted the action, the status of the injured party, the validity of the alleged injuries, and the need for medical treatment.

Experts in engineering, safety, and healthcare are retained as needed for an in-depth understanding of the facts and circumstances surrounding each claim. Cases are closely evaluated for potential fraud, as reflected in excessive medical procedures, potentially staged accidents, or questionable causation factors.

Upon completing the claim analysis, Miller Leiby advises the client on its liability assessment and damage calculations. Finally, the firm strives to achieve a prompt, cost-effective resolution that reflects the client’s interests and objectives.

Personal Auto Claims

Miller Leiby defends automobile and no-fault actions, ranging from two car collisions to accidents involving multiple vehicles and fatalities. Claims are defended as to both liability and damages. Members of the firm are experienced in uninsured motorist (“UM”) coverage, underinsurance (“UIM”) coverage, and supplementary uninsured motorist (“SUM”) issues.

Disputes involving auto-related personal injury claims often trigger the need for an Examination Under Oath (EUO). If evidence of fraud is observed, the firm’s EUO team works quickly to schedule interviews with selected parties to the claim. Insurers can use the detailed claim analysis to verify if coverage will be extended or denied.

When appropriate, Miller Leiby strives to dispose of an auto liability claim through a declaratory judgment action. Members of the firm have an in-depth knowledge of local court rulings, and are committed to helping an insurance carrier minimize the discovery process and reduce legal expenses.

Commercial Auto Claims

Miller Leiby represents fleet vehicle owners who are subject to large self-insured retention (“SIR”) programs under a business auto policy, such as taxi, limousine, rental car, or delivery services. Transportation service providers covered by a commercial auto policy applicable to “for-hire” motor carriers are also represented. Claims handled include personal injury, property damage, and cargo loss.

The firm also has deep experience representing automobile dealerships in garage liability and related matters across New Jersey and the Greater New York area. Miller Leiby regularly counsels auto dealership clients on compliance with relevant New Jersey and New York regulations. Dealerships are represented in consumer complaints, government investigations, and prosecutions involving the Department of Consumer Affairs, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and the New York State Office of the Attorney General.

Professional Liability

Miller Leiby recognizes the legal issues confronting professionals and takes a proactive approach toward mitigating risks.

Members of the firm have significant experience in representing architects, engineers, developers, contractors and subcontractors in all aspects of design and construction litigation. Claims defended often relate to the following:

• Professional negligence • Malpractice
• Breach of contract
• Breach of fiduciary duty

The Miller Leiby team has an in-depth understanding of matters that arise out of alleged errors and omissions (E&O) relating to professional services rendered on commercial and residential projects, schools, and bridges. Miller Leiby works closely with clients to develop defense strategies. The firm’s goal is to resolve disputes as quickly as possible and with minimal expense so the client can focus on what matters most – their work.

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